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About the project

“Multi-ethnic concept in education” is a joint project implemented by the Ministry for Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia in partnership with Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje. The project is financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affais and is consisted of three key components:

1. Inclusion of multiethnic vocational secondary schools in the Nansen model for integrated education
and improvement of the conditions for realization of practical lessons;

2. Initiative for advancement of the teachers’ profession;

3. Initiative for creating the concept for intercultural education.

The goal of Component 1 is to enable successful integration of students, parents and teachers from different ethnic communities through capacity building programs and integrated education activities as well as improving infrastructural and technical conditions in the vocational secondary schools in order to improve the teaching quality. All program activities are carefully planned and structured in a way to address the issues that the current educational system is facing in Macedonia and offer new approaches and programs that will enhance inter-ethnic integration and tolerance, promote inclusion and build the competences of education stakeholders on multicultural education, inclusion and anti-bias approach to education.

The goal of Component 2 is to strengthen and advance the teachers profession in preschool, primary and secondary education in the R. of Macedonia. The process will include a thorough analysis of educational offers and documentation, capacities for training of educators and teachers, as well as interviews with project stakeholders.
The fields of research will also include the contemporary trends of the teachers’ profession in Europe and globally, structural changes in the higher education institutions, revisions of study programs, the capacities of the higher education institutions, etc.

The goal of Component 3 is to draft the “Concept for Intercultural Education” with the goal of developing concrete recommendations and specific set of activities that would be implemented on a national level in order to enable and support the development process and implementation of intercultural education in macro and micro-level.

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