Component 3 working group meeting

On June 22, 2015 NDC Skopje hosted the first meeting of Component 3 working group within the project “Multiethnic concept in education”- joint project implemented in partnership with the Ministry of education and science and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs.

Component 3 working group is consisted of the following members: Mr. Safet Neziri – Advisor to the Minister for education and science, Mr. Sasho Stojkovski – NDC Skopje Executive Director, Mr. Zoran Velkovski, professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy, Mr. Mite Stefanoski – representative of the Bureau for development of education, Mr. Jashar Kasami – representative of the State education inspectorate, Ms. Elizabeta Tomevska- Ilievska – professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy, Ms. Elena Rizova – professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy, Mr. Emre Aksakal – representative of Yahya Kemal College, Ms. Biljana Krsteska Papic – NDC Skopje Training Centre Manager, Ms. Sonaj Bilal – NDC Skopje Coordinator for education, Mr. Osman Emin – NDC Skopje Coordinator for education. This project component aims to develop the “Concept for Intercultural Education” with the goal of developing concrete recommendations and specific set of activities that would be implemented on a national level in order to enable and support the development process and implementation of intercultural education in macro and micro- level. During the first meeting, the working group discussed about the development plan for the Concept, the research methodology, as well as the required resources and timeframe. A concrete set of activities is planned to be realized during the summer period including the preparatory phases that will be followed by a specific research plan in autumn 2015.