New cabinet for practical lessons in VSS Mosha Pijade Tetovo

February 15, 2016- Through Component 1 of the project Multi-ethnic concept in education implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science with financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NDC Skopje completed the equipping of the cabinet for practical lessons for traffic technicians that was necessary for this educational department within VSS Mosha Pijade in Tetovo. Besides the realization of practical lessons, the new cabinet will be very valuable for the drivers’ school that functions within the schools and will also provide continuity in practical lessons for traffic technicians and training of students for obtaining drivers permissions.

NDC Skopje donated technical equipment; traffic signs with genuine format as in real traffic setting, traffic signalization light, various models of crossroads, exhibit panel with all traffic signs according to the Law on traffic of the R. of Macedonia, car models that participate in traffic, LCD projector, magnet boards, etc.

The cabinet is equipped with the most contemporary equipment for realization of practical lessons and will contribute towards increasing the quality of education in the vocational secondary school Mosha Pijade in Tetovo.