Scanning and selection of Vocational secondary schools to be included in the project

To ensure the efficient implementation of Component 1 activities, component 1 working group had the task to scan and assess the conditions in nearly 20 vocational secondary schools in Macedonia and to draft an action plan for including the selected schools in the Nansen model for integrated. For the first year of the project, five vocational secondary schools are selected which are challenged by many issues and who have the greatest need for integration. In the selected schools, the learning conditions will be improved (infrastructural and technical equipment) which will result with improved learning conditions and conditions for integrated classes and activities and will help to increase the quality of the theoretical and practical education process for the students.

The selected schools to be included in the project “Multiethnic concept in education” are the following:

MSTC (Municipal Secondary Technical School) Nace Bugjoni – Kumanovo
MSMS (Municipal Secondary Medical School) Nikola Shtejn – Tetovo
SSCS (Secondary School of City Skopje) 8-mi Septemvri – Skopje
VSTS (Vocational Secondary Technical School) Gostivar – Gostivar
MVSS (Municipal Vocational Secondary School) Mosha Pijade – Tetovo